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whaleverse's Journal

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The Whaleverse is a Stargate Atlantis AU created by sholio and naye. We invented it as the setting for the sgabigbang story A Clear and Different Light, but it quickly took on a life of its own! This community was created to showcase the art, fiction and other fanworks associated with the Whaleverse.

We invite others to create and post Whaleverse fanworks (fanart, fan fiction, icons, vids, discussions of the AU characters, anything else that delights you). Any rating and pairing is acceptable (you can even do AUs of our AU, if you like!) but please follow these rules:

1. Format your subject line with type of fanwork, title, author, rating and pairing (if any), like this:

Fic: Matchmaking Whales by Naye [PG, McKay/Sheppard]
Fic: Baby Meredith by Friendshipper [G, gen]

(All fanworks need to have a rating (using whatever system you prefer) and should be labeled with the pairing (if any).)

If not all of those categories apply, please include the important information:

Discussion: Matchmaking whales - cute or slightly creepy?

2. Stories longer than a drabble (100 words) and artwork need to be under a cut. (You can include a small artwork preview outside the cut, if you like.)

3. Stories, art, vids, etc. should include a header section outside the cut with the title, name, word count, warnings, etc. -- see sga_flashfic for typical story header formatting. We don't have a required header template, but we reserve the right to ask you to edit your header/post if it's flagrantly in violation of the format typically used on LJ.

4. You can either post your full text/image in the community, or link to an offsite post.