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Fic: Wraithshadow ("Runner" in the Whaleverse)

Woops, I totally forgot to cross-post this here!

Title: Wraithshadow
Author: sholio
Pairing/Rating: Gen, PG
Prompt: For the hc_bingo square "Wings (Always There)"
Word Count: 11,500
Summary: How Ronon came to live on Athos -- the sunny spring day when Teyla found an injured, winged stranger in the woods, and what happened after. Contains mostly Teyla and Ronon (and Halling, Charin, et al) plus a teeny bit of Rodney. (At this point in ACaDL continuity, John is not in Pegasus yet.)

Wraithshadow: One page on Dreamwidth :: Part One on LJ :: Part Two on LJ
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Fic: Respite by schneefink [PG-13, McKay/Sheppard]

Title: Respite
Author: schneefink
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The aftermath of the Wraith attack.
Notes: I started this ages ago and finally managed to finish it with the invaluable help of enviropony and michelel72 - thank you so very much! And thanks a lot to sholio and naye for inventing the whaleverse and being generally awesome. You should get lots and lots of whales.

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Fic: Worlds Collide (One Piece crossover)

I recently posted a drabble request meme, and naye asked for an SGA/One Piece crossover. (For those not in the know, One Piece is a fantastic adventure manga/anime about pirates. Crazy super-powered pirates. See naye for details.) And because of the way my mind "works", those pirates got mixed up with the whales, and this short comment-ficlet resulted. (originally posted here)

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Fic: Tao of Whales by Friendshipper [PG-13, McKay/Sheppard + team]

This was written as a gift for bellewhan for that Handmade Meme that was going around last winter.

Title: Tao of Whales
Author: sholio
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard (plus team)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 16,700
Summary: "Wow, I'm almost as smart as a whale," Rodney thought in wonder.
Notes: This is basically "Tao of Rodney" in the A Clear and Different Light universe. This takes place a few months after the end of ACaDL.

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There's a really neat article at the New York Times on gray whales off the Baja coast and their friendly and affectionate behavior towards humans. (Warning: parts of the article talking about the near-extinction of gray and other whales are truly heartbreaking.) I kept thinking of Rodney's pod all throughout the article, especially when they talked about gray whales nudging human divers or lifting up boats on their backs. :D

I'm pretty sure the grays are a bit larger than Rodney's pod -- I don't think naye and I ever quite settled on an exact size, but I tended to think of our mathematician whales as being more on the small end of things, for a whale. But it's quite nice to know that a lot of the things we had them doing in the story with their human companion actually would be physically possible in real life!
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Q&A for "A Clear and Different Light"

When sgabigbang offered the Big Bang writers the option of doing a promo post for our stories, naye and I knew immediately what we wanted: a Q&A! To our delight and gratitude, several people asked questions (we were terribly afraid we'd be talking to ourselves!) -- and excellent questions, too! We really enjoyed answering these, and we hope that you find our answers interesting.

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That's all of the questions, and thank you again to everyone who answered our Q&A post! We really appreciate it, and we loved having the opportunity to chat about our story. (We also kind of started plotting a sequel in chat, while we were answering the questions. Er. Oops?)

Also, before you go, don't forget to check out greyias's review too! We're still blushing. *blushes*
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Review of "A Clear and Different Light" by Friendshipper and Naye

I don't read nearly as much as I used to, but I have fond memories of voraciously tearing through as many books as I could when I was younger. There's nothing quite like getting lost in an imagined world and being transported to somewhere that you know is fictional, but can still feel everything down to your bones that the cast of characters goes through. A lot of books can my grab attention for a few pages, but few can capture me, and refuse to let me go. So, I do not say it lightly that when I finally got to the end of A Clear and Different Light by sholio and naye, my biggest wish and regret is that it wasn't a published book that I could immediately distribute to several of my closest friends and force them to read and squee over with me. And quite possibly a few complete strangers while I was at it.

I kid you not.

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